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Who We Are

Who We Are

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J.E.Poole is a distinguished commercial real estate (CRE) brokerage firm situated in the city of Chicago, Illinois. To date, the company has gained immense recognition for its exceptional and unparalleled white-glove services, which are synonymous with elite investment institutions. The firm boasts a unique blend of analytical and automated rigor that reflects the efficiency and precision of a technology-driven company yet maintains a warm, welcoming and approachable atmosphere reminiscent of a local start-up.

With a sterling reputation, J.E.Poole offers unparalleled service excellence, coupled with a strong emphasis on creating long-lasting relationships with CRE-delving clients. Collectively, the team of experts carries extensive knowledge, valuable insights, and a deep understanding of the commercial real estate landscape that consistently exceeds the expectations of their clients. In addition, they are adept at designing winning investment strategies that lead to the development of robust portfolios, ultimately securing innovative wealth-building solutions alongside providing elite levels of client care.

Our Mission

Our market approaches may be comprehensive, but our mission is simple: To deliver our clients the abundant market resources, financial guidance, and concierge services they deserve. In addition, to continuously leverage our high-profile industry acumen and network to influence positive community reform, and inspire the pursuit of sustainable wealth through the buying and selling of commercial real estate.

Our Vision

To continuously raise the commercial real estate bar by upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and concierge client care. Furthermore, do so while influencing positive community developments, securing generational wealth initiatives through the innate value of commercial investing, and ensuring those ready to move forward never have to navigate the competitive Chicago market alone.

Our Partners

J.E.Poole has established partnerships with two exceptional real estate firms, @properties Commercial and @properties Christie's International Real Estate, enabling clients to benefit from an unparalleled level of quality and expertise. Partnering with these forward-thinking and innovative companies, J.E.Poole is uniquely positioned to offer clients access to some of the most heavily sought-after properties and investment opportunities in the market. Through this blended network, clients can expect to receive personalized attention and support throughout every stage of the real estate process, from initial consultation to post-closing. Overall, J.E.Poole and its affiliated firms are dedicated to helping clients achieve their CRE goals, maximize their commercial investments, and secure generational wealth initiatives.


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