James E. Poole

Looking for some commercial real estate? Yep, we're your firm and I'm your guy.

What's going on everyone – James here, I'm a seasoned Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, and Venture Capitalist with over 20+ years of experience helping others attain new levels of business expansion, portfolio growth, and sustainable independence. Through partnership with @properties Commercial, via my firm J.E.Poole, I'm now delivering that same level of excellency throughout Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

Coming from a place of experience and passion, I bring with me an extensive history involving the intricacies of high-yielding commercial transactions, private equity and lending, passive gain security, and the art of ensuring financial planning, investment, and funding processes are as positive as they are productive. Bridging that dynamicity into each new client endeavor, I enjoy not just positioning others for viable paths forward, but doing so all while ensuring they feel confident as they navigate the transient wealth-building landscapes.

Born in Oak Park, IL and raised in the Western Suburbs of Chicago (attended Proviso West High School - Go Panthers!) I was an entrepreneurial-spirited kid who learned early on the innate value of perseverance, innovation, and possessing a strong work ethic. I hold a BBA and MBA from Roosevelt University, Chicago, and am a proud 11-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, both Active and Reserve. Amid my reserve tenure, I held senior roles within renowned organizations such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley – overseeing multi-leveled teams, process/liaison strength capitalizing, and managing multi-million-dollar valuations. This leadership experience also brought me to several large tech firms like Accenture and, more formerly, Google. Here, I led the delivery of highly complex programs, increased delivery efficiencies, and became an accoladed thought leader to executive sponsors.

Applying that Fortune 1000, FAANG and Strategy Consulting acumen to the entrepreneurial sector, I launched several businesses, including J.E. Poole®. Throughout my career, I have helped countless clients reach their unique versions of financial and market success, primarily due to my willingness to evolve as the industries do. But what has earned my client's respect the most is strongly tied to my relentless/tedious ambiance, opportunity-solutioning mindset, and reputation for addressing every initiative with a servant-centered compass, a positive attitude, and an open mind.

There is a traditional saying that if you do what you love, then you'll never work a day in your life. To me, I am unprecedentedly passionate about providing clients with accentuated/concierge commercial market services and security-rich financial guidance that enable them to dually render acuminating success and generate vision-aligning futures. However, when I'm not working or continuously self-educating, you can usually find me staying active via boxing, MMA, and running, traveling to explore new places, and above all, spending time with my wife Vickie and our two amazing children, Jayla and James III.

If you're a business owner, investor, or institution actively looking to buy, lease or sell commercial real estate, or just interested in learning more about current opportunities and trends, feel free to share a cup of coffee (or tea if you like) with me. I'd love to earn your business!

Looking forward to an excellent beverage, and an even better conversation.


~ James - Founder, J.E.Poole

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